In 2018, SOCAR AQS signed and successfully implemented a contract for the provision of consulting services on enhancement of well drilling and field development in the licensed areas of DTEK Oil and Gas LLC in Ukraine.


In 2018, SOCAR AQS landed an international tender announced by BAPEX to drill one appraisal and two exploration wells in Bangladesh. SOCAR AQS successfully drilled and tested a turnkey well for national oil company in Bangladesh.


SOCAR AQS signed a contract in 2019 to drill and deliver 40 underground gas storage wells in the Tuz Golu area of Aksaray region of Turkey. The expansion of Tuz Golu underground gas storage is vital for meeting the natural gas demand of Turkey, and SOCAR AQS will contribute to successful execution of this mission. In 2021, the Company signed a contract extension to drill 12 more wells under the project.


The first drilling contract was signed and successfully performed in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2020. Under the contract, SOCAR AQS took over the management of a drilling project at one of the Eureka Oleum oil fields. The contract involved supervision of drilling of deviated oil well to the depth of 3,100 meters. A second contract for the management of two oil wells with a depth of 3,309 and 3,241 meters commenced in Q4 2021 and is ongoing.