Career opportunities at SOCAR AQS

At SOCAR AQS, we are deeply committed to build an ethical and contemporary workplace by respecting human rights, maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment, and investing in the talents of our people. Perceiving the importance of our people in the Company value chain, we strive to empower our employees, reveal their true potential, and hence, maximize their contribution to the long-term growth and success of the Company.


We have built an inspiring and challenging working environment managed with a value-oriented leadership style. Such leadership style resulted in appreciative performance culture, which rewards outstanding performances and significant achievements through both attractive compensation plans and individual long-term development opportunities.


To keep pace with the industry best practices and knowledge, our workers are encouraged to participate in various trainings, seminars and conferences relevant to their job description and skills set. We continually support their self-development and skill enhancement by supporting them both morally and financially.

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Internship Programme

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