Our QHSE Culture

As SOCAR AQS we belive that all incidents are preventable and it is perfectly possible to live and work without any incident and accident every moment of our professional and personal lives.

Taking care of health and safety of our employees, contractor’s employees and third parties as well as the protection and conservation of the environment in which SOCAR AQS LLC is operating is one of the main parts of our business.

SOCAR AQS believes that long-term success of the company depends on our willingness and ability to continuously improve service quality, to protect people, and to protect and improve our natural and social environment.

Senior management of SOCAR AQS LLC is responsible for providing the overall framework of the management systems within which we shall:

   Minimize our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, reduction of natural resource consumption and emissions, and the reduction and recycling of waste;

   Understand and comply with environmental conditions laid down by national and international regulations, industry codes and conventions, and client requirements;

   Make best effort to improve condition of our natural environment wherever and whenever possible;

   At all times, protect, and strive for improvement of the health, safety and security of all people who work for us and with us;

   Eliminate QHSE non-conformances, incidents and accidents;

   Meet pre-specified customer requirements and ensure customer satsifaction;

   Plan for, respond to and recover from any emergency, crisis and business disruption.

In order to create a trouble-free work environment SOCAR AQS LLC employees and contractors must:

   Actively take part in any training provided and then work in line with that training;

   Work in compliance with our safe systems of work;

   Use equipment as it is intended to be used.

Line management in our company has leadership responsibility in communication, implementation of and ensuring compliance with company QHSE policies, procedures and requirements.

SOCAR AQS expects every employee to contribute to continuous improvement of QHSE Policy in our company and support us in cascading down safety leadership in the company.

SOCAR AQS LLC management will monitor and review the HSE management system to ensure competency progression amongst our employees to deliver continuous improvement of our QHSE performance.


Horizontal well

For the first on SWG a horizontal production well (#350) was drilled by SOCAR-AQS from Platform 13

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Successful Implementation Of Modern Technology

On 2nd June 2015, SOCAR AQS is awarded as the COMPANY OF THE YEAR for Successful Implementation Modern Technology

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