Vision, Mission, Core Values

Our Vision:

Add the highest value to stakeholders being a modern international company by delivering integrated and efficient energy solutions.

Our Mission:

To continue Azerbaijan’s historically leading role in modern energy industry.

Our Values:

SOCAR AQS is a value-based company and our value pillars are:

   Safety - At the core of our organizational culture stands Safety, which we define as doing things right the first time, even when no one is watching. We believe that all incidents and accidents are preventable, and it is perfectly possible to live and work every moment of our professional and personal lives without incident;

   Quality - Dedication to excellence is our prime mission. We are committed to providing the highest degree of quality in every product, solution, service, and endeavor or our company while meeting the industry’s highest quality standards;

   Integrity - Ethics, and integrity are the foundation of our company and the guiding principles for all of our operations;

   Novelty - We welcome innovations and strive to apply the best in industry practices every time ;

   Frugality - To be frugal we pay special attention to efficiently manage our resources;

  Tenacity - As a company open to new challenges, we take each opportunity as a learning experience and overcome any obstacle that we face on our way to achieve our goals;

  Unity - We value each individual in our company. We are one team;

Stakeholder centricity - We understand that our stakeholders are the reason for our success in business and strive to deliver the highest standard of quality for all of our
stakeholders while adding the highest value;

Audacity - Each individual working for our company is encouraged to take reasonable professional courage for commitments



Application of a modern whipstock technology

On SWG field a modern whipstock technology was used by the company on Platform 13

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Successful Implementation Of Modern Technology

On 2nd June 2015, SOCAR AQS is awarded as the COMPANY OF THE YEAR for Successful Implementation Modern Technology

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