Business ethics

   All employees (and consultants) contribute to SOCAR AQS’s reputation; therefore, it is important that all employees adhere to our ethical guidelines.

   SOCAR AQS business, whether domestic or international, must be conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

   Be aware of the legal requirements that apply to your job, and follow those laws strictly.

   Enquire about local laws when working in a country new to SOCAR AQS or you personally.

   SOCAR AQS will not tolerate illegal activity conducted for personal gain nor on the Company’s behalf. Consider SOCAR AQS’s reputation and credibility in all your business relationships.

   Be honest and honorable in all dealings with other employees, the public, the business community, customers, suppliers, competitors, and government authorities.

   Never accept a gift, entertainment, or any other benefit from an individual or organisation doing business with SOCAR AQS if that gift, entertainment or benefit could influence your decisions or, if it were made public, might appear to have influenced your business decision.

This topic is covered in greater detail as one of the company’s Management Development modules


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